Our Management & Rules of Conduct


These rules of conduct have been determined in accordance with our mission, vision, and values in order to maintain the integrity and excellence of the Faculty of Dentistry Oral and Dental Health Hospital; we encourage all employees and students to always take them into consideration as a behavioural guide.


Being Patient-Centered:

  • Each patient’s individual needs, expectations, and sensitivities are acknowledged and respected.
  • We always prioritize the comfort, safety and satisfaction of our patients, and are committed to providing the highest quality service.
  • It is imperative to keep patients informed and obtain their consent during their care and treatment.
  • Patients’ private information is kept confidential and shared only when necessary and with their consent.


Academic Excellence:

  • Students receive science-based education on patient care and treatment.
  • We keep abreast of developments and regularly revise academic standards in order to provide the highest quality of education.
  • We strictly adhere to ethical values in education and training.
  • We value continuous education and development.



  • Treatment methods and training processes are continually reviewed espousing innovative approaches
  • Quality of service is improved with modern equipment and methods as we embrace technological developments



  • We encourage open communication among employees as we believe better results are achieved by exchanging ideas; we value the ideas, knowledge, and experience of our colleagues.
  • By working together, we achieve more efficient and effective results.
  • We encourage cooperation and teamwork among colleagues.
  • We take great care to ensure the workload is distributed equally.
  • We support one another with mutual trust and respect.



  • Diversity and inclusion are among the most important components of the culture and strength of our institution.
  • All our patients, employees, and students are treated equally and fairly.
  • We do not discriminate based on language, religion, gender, ethnic backround, etc.
  • We take care to ensure that everyone at our institution has equal opportunities.



  • We aim to be a leader in our field and continually strive to be so.
  • We aim to be a leader in our field by embracing the latest developments.
  • By staying true to ethical values, we aim to be exemplary in our decision-making processes.
  • We prepare our employees and students to be leaders in their chosen careers.


These rules of conduct have been established with the contribution of all involved individuals with the aim of ensuring the respectability of the Faculty of Dentistry Oral and Dental Health Hospital nationally and globally. We expect all personnel and students to adhere to them without exception.